Welcome to the new 'Wallwork Clan' website, the open letters can still be found here:

Sorry to all those that have emailed in from all over the world, it has been great to here from you, but a hectic schedule and the fact that I am 80+ has prevented me responding swiftly.

Additional apologies to all of you who registered for the private forum, it never really got off the ground. Again, time constraints prevented me approving all the accounts and therefore please don't take offence that your account wasn't approved.

I have been working on an archaeological project in Allesley, please find the full report in PDF format here: A study of finds from Field 109 2011 to 2015

I have also been investigating a bronze buckle found at Baginton 40 years ago: INTERIM REPORT ON A BRONZE BUCKLE

If you wish to contact me you can do it here.

Raymond Wallwork
Allesley Village, UK